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WaspinatorxTerrorsaur Stamp by FallenAngelAerith WaspinatorxTerrorsaur Stamp :iconfallenangelaerith:FallenAngelAerith 16 4 How Does He Know by FallenAngelAerith How Does He Know :iconfallenangelaerith:FallenAngelAerith 4 5 Wasp TFA stamp by Hellblaze Wasp TFA stamp :iconhellblaze:Hellblaze 82 7 Wasp and Bee stamp by Hellblaze Wasp and Bee stamp :iconhellblaze:Hellblaze 64 5 Human Triassicus SP style by FallenAngelAerith Human Triassicus SP style :iconfallenangelaerith:FallenAngelAerith 1 0
Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Cheetor: *On the mic* Okay, guys. Since it's last call for all drinks, from what Air told me to announce. So for the last song, Zero will sing it and after that, we can go back to our bases for the night.
Zero: *Takes the mic* As I would like to sing one song as it stood out to me. So Iris, this song is for you in the Matrix.
*Singing With You by Chris Brown*
I need you boo, (oh)
I gotta see you boo (hey)
And the hearts all over the world tonight,
Said the hearts all over the world tonight [x2]
[Verse 1]
Hey! Little mama,
Ooh, you're a stunner
Hot..little figure,
Yes, you're a winner
And I'm so glad to be yours,
You're a class all your own
Oh, little cutie talk to me
I swear..the whole world stops
You're my sweetheart
And I'm so glad that you are mine
You are one of a kind and..
You mean to me
What I mean to you and..
Together baby,
There is nothing we won't do
'cause if I got you,
I don't need money,
I don't need cars,
Girl, you're my all.
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 2
Chapter 14
Chapter 14
Layer: *Still being shy* I have nothing else to say, I'll sing my song.
*Starts singing to If We Were A Movie by Hannah Montana*
Uh oh
There you go again talking cinematic
Yeah you!
You're charming, got everybody star struck.
I know
How you always seem to go
For the obvious instead of me
But get a ticket and you'll see
If we were a movie
You'd be the right guy
And I'd be the best friend
You'd fall in love with
In the end we'd be laughing
Watching the sunset
Fade to black
Show the names
Play the happy song
Yeah, yeah
When you call me
I can hear it in your voice
Oh sure!
Wanna see me
And tell me all about her
La la
I'll be acting through my tears
I guess you'll never know
That I should win
An Oscar for this scene I'm in
Wish I could tell you there's a twist
Some kind of hero in disguise
And we're together
It's for real
Now playing
Wish I could tell you there's a kiss
Like something more than in my mind
I see it
Could be amazing
[Chorus x3]
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 0
Chapter 13
Chapter 13
RT: *Holding the mic* Now for all of you femmes, I would be wooing you with this.
*About to sing when Marino kicked him away, thus making the mic twirl in the air for a few nanoclicks*
RT: Hey!! *In the other room, indignant*
Marino: *Catches the mic before it fell onto the floor* Alright, since I taken care of Mr. Jerk and wanna-be...
*Snickers is heard from the crowd*
RT: Not funny!
Marino: *Not caring* I have a song that best fits me. *Starts the music*
*Material Girl by Madonna*
Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me
I think they're O.K.
If they don't give me proper credit
I just walk away
They can beg and they can plead
But they can't see the light, that's right
'Cause the boy with the cold hard cash
Is always Mister Right, 'cause we are
Living in a material world
And I am a material girl
You know that we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl
Some boys romance, some boys slow dance
That's all right with me
If they can't raise my intere
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 0
Chapter 12
                                             Chapter 12
Primal: *Sighs as he was not happy with the idea in singing for everyone, while being on the mic* I just don't know how anyone convinced me into doing this... But I have no other choice.
Soul: *Snickering*
Leppy: *Smirking*
Alia: *Shrugs shoulders*
Primal: *Clears his throat* Anywho, as much as I'm in the spotlight, I might as well as sing this.
*Sings You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins*
Come stop your crying
It will be alright
Just take my hand
Hold it tight
I will protect you
From all around you
I will be here
Don't you cry
For one so small
You seem so strong
My arms will hold you
Keep you safe and warm
This bond between us
Can't be broken
I will be here
Don't you cry
'Cause you'll be in my hear
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 0
Human Soul+Cheetor by FallenAngelAerith Human Soul+Cheetor :iconfallenangelaerith:FallenAngelAerith 1 3
Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Cinnamon: *On the mic with Axl* Since me and Axl both agree that we now both like One Piece, this song is so kawaii to listen to as a duet.
Axl: So hit it!!
*Music starts, singing to Dr. Tony Tony Chopper by Luffy and Chopper*
Axl: Omoshiro tonakai GIVE ME SOME PARTY
Axl: Nanadan-henkei BE MY BE MY CREW!
Cinnamon: Yuuki no furaggu honto wa nakama to
Umi e detan da tabi o surun da
Axl: Ore ga kimetan da, aitsu wa nakama da
Henkei surun da, BEAM mo dasun da
(Dynamo: E? Uso daro?!)
Unison: Chiisai koto ki ni shitatte
Sekai wa gungun dekkai kara na
Sawaide joutou! Tanoshinde HOW MUCH?
Deru koto detara SUPER STAR.
Axl: Shaberu tonakai COOL COOL MAIN!
Axl: Nigeru tonakai SHUT UP! BE MY FRIEND!
Cinnamon: Kaizokutte ii na, ore mo otoko da na!
Sonna tereru kara, sonna koto nee yo
Axl: Tereru tonakai...
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 3 0
I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I REFUSE Stamp :iconroxyoblivion:RoxyOblivion 14,857 1,117
Chapter 10
Chapter 10
Leppy: *Speaking now* As much as I love the songs that we have heard, I think that I should give a little dedication to Primal, the Maximal leader, since he and I are in love from the beginning. And its a wonderful song.
*Music begins with Crazy for You by Madonna*
Swaying room as the music starts
Strangers making the most of the dark
Two by two their bodies become one
I see you through the smokey air
Can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away
What I'm dying to say, is that
I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you, crazy for you
Trying hard to control my heart
I walk over to where you are
Eye to eye we need no words at all
Slowly now we begin to move
Every breath I'm deeper into you
Soon we two are standing still in time
If you read my mind, you'll see
It's all brand new, I'm crazy for you
And you know
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 0
Chapter 9
Chapter 9
*Dynamo, Inferno(halfheartedly), Blackarachnia, and X tied up not only Megatron alone, but Scropinok as well, and have them hanging from the branches of the B&B, by the top level of the place*
Leppy: *Finally on the mic* Since the backstabbing scropion and Mega-Itachi are gone, we can go on in peace. *Sighs* I think Cheetor is anxious to sing, so I'll turn the attention over to him.
Cheetor: *Takes the mic from her* Ok, since I have tried singing my theme song once and suck at it...
RT: He ain't whistling Dixie...
Soul: *Throws a kunai at him*
RT: *Ducks and shuts up at the same time*
Cheetor: *Continues* But I think I will sing a dedicate song to a certain person that I have fallen in love with and married, this song is dedicated to her.
*Music begins playing "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" by Elvis Presley*
Wise men say only fools rush in
But I cant help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a si
:iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 2 2


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